High Paying Affiliate Programs

When I started out with affiliate marketing, I was trying to sell $100 products to earn $40. It strikes me as obvious now that this is going to be a tough business model. I would need to have sold thousands of products in order to make a good living. In addition, I wasn’t able to use paid strategies in the same way I do now.

When you have a range of high ticket affiliate products within a digital sales funnel, you can afford to spend a lot more on advertising, knowing you’ll get it back in the long run. This was something I didn’t understand at first. Even the idea of subscription products alone was a game changer for me.

Each subscription you sell gives you a monthly income. Over time, and assuming you build a strong enough client base, you stand to earn ever larger amounts on a monthly basis.

Even if you make a loss initially, (on your marketing), subscription products will pay off eventually, if you get a good enough retention rate. If you then add high ticket products, up-sells and multi-tier sales – (commissions from other people’s sales), you’re going to do well.

One of the main problems for me wasn’t the business model at all. I’d seen people do well and leave their jobs with high ticket affiliate programs. This is the same for many I believe. One thing is believing in a high ticket program and then the other is in believing it can work for you. Without this belief, you’ll falter. If you don’t believe in something, or you have some issues with it, you’ll hold yourself from doing it in some way.

The other issue is far more obvious. Lack of cash flow means that high ticket affiliate programs can be prohibitive for some. You first need to buy a sales funnel and program which offers high ticket items and subscriptions. This doesn’t come cheap. Plus, the more of the higher priced items you want in your ‘online store’ the more you’ll have to pay.

Then you need to pay for marketing your sales funnel. Just because you’ve bought a high-priced digital funnel doesn’t mean it’ll suddenly kick into action and start making you money. Nope! You’ll need a marketing engine driving targeted traffic into your sales funnel. This costs money too. Expect to pay while you learn too. You’ll need to start spending a monthly budget before you see any return.

And then many of your adverts simply won’t work. Am I being a messenger of doom here? No, just realistic! Don’t waste your money if you don’t think you can pursue learning and implementing marketing strategies to drive customers to your funnel. It takes time too to learn which marketing strategies work, and which don’t.

However, all said and done, once you’ve mastered marketing you’ve basically got an income for life. With a high commissions sales funnel, you’ll have given yourself the ability to earn some pretty fantastic commissions, if you don’t give up first! That’s commissions like $5-$10K per sale depending on which system you use and how you position yourself.

The owners of such digital marketing systems aren’t giving these away for free! To make 40% commissions on a $35K product, you’ll need to buy the product yourself. If you want the high-priced items in your digital ‘store’, you need to actually purchase them. If words like scam and pyramid are flooding your mind right now, you might find yourself opting out already.

But these marketing funnels are real. People who run them are real people too. It all depends on your perspective and what you’re prepared to do to earn high ticket commissions from the internet. A lifestyle which means not working for a boss or an employer ever again is perhaps worth the price both financially and in terms of the work you’ll need to do.

Financial freedom is worth quite a lot too. Imagine never having to work for anyone ever again or having to sit in traffic commuting to work and back. That’s worth quite a lot to me! Then there’s the geographical freedom that having a laptop business brings too. If you find yourself looking for excuses then you might not have enough of a reason to see it through.

High ticket commission products have been a complete game changer for me. I’ve had to overcome a lot of inner fear and step outside my comfort zones a number of times, just to get my online business growing. Much of the work to be done isn’t visible. It’s in overcoming scepticism and fear of both success and failure.

Your friends and family won’t understand either in many cases. Accessing a high ticket program and learning how to escape the 9 to 5 by making money on the internet is still a little ‘out there’ for some people. It shouldn’t be because there’s obviously a lot of people who have already made a living from the internet. But for those who are still trading their time for money, an easier alternative to making money signals wasted effort for years and decades for many. This is a hard pill to swallow. Too hard for some!

They would rather dismiss it as some hocus scheme. As by doing so, dispelling it from their mind forever! It’s then safe to acknowledge a life of slavery. If, on the other hand you choose to embrace technology, you’ve also got to work hard and learn some new skills and mindsets. This isn’t easy either and although software has made things easier to build online, for some this still brings with it a feeling of terror!

If you can surmount the many obstacles both inner and outer, in building a successful internet business using high paying affiliate programs, congratulations. You’ve earned it! For the young this may be easier than for those who are too deeply entrenched in their current mindsets. But as people realise there’s a better way of doing things, they either jump on board or miss out. Which one will you be?


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