Choosing Freelancing As a Career

Have you already tried risking your time, money, and effort just to reach your own goal? Probably some of us have done it but still didn’t get the result we desired. We all dream that we can travel and enjoy the gift of life that God has given. Isn’t it beautiful if we can share more time and have enjoyable moments with our loved ones? Yes, I know what you’re thinking right now. The eagerness and determination that someday your dreams will come true at last.

As of now, poverty is still visible in our country. Many families experience hunger because of unemployment. There are graduates who unable to achieve their profession due to a high level of competitiveness. Every day, we suffer in traffic just to get to our offices. These are the situations that we cannot afford to set aside. But we Filipinos are born with a brave heart and wise instincts. So, many strategies were performed just for survival.

Maybe some have tried to search “how to make money fast” or “how to make money online” to the internet. And guess what? That leads you to what they so-called “freelancing.” It is also known as work from home job. According to BusinessDictionary, freelance means working on a contract basis for a variety of companies. There are some benefits that you can enjoy as a freelancer.

Benefits of Freelancing

Free from Office Slavery

You can finally go out from the traditional working from the office job. You can work in the comfort of your home. Free from the rules that choke us as an employee.


You can manage your time more if you are working from home. You can maintain a balanced life between work and for the family.

Health Control

You’re less likely to get sick since you deal with the clients remotely. You don’t have to deal with the traffic every day or face the fast-changing weather in our country.

Higher Salary Rate

Most of us consider the work based on salary. With freelancing, you can earn dollars which can benefit you as a person with desired needs as well to your family.

Aren’t you infatuated? You can start freelancing as part-time for additional income or make it as a full-time opportunity. But you must consider first is how you prepare yourself for the new chosen career.

Preparation for Freelancing Job

Make an Investment

As what mentioned earlier, you have to risk your money and effort for this job. Computer and reliable internet is a must. It will benefit you in the end, just remember what your goals are.

Enhance English Language Skills

Clients need a person with a good verbal and written English skills. You can buy a dictionary for bigger vocabulary. Try to read books and watch Hollywood movies. Being aware of your grammar is also important, so don’t leave it behind.

Make Yourself Ready

Here, you can encounter new things or new knowledge. You must be open-minded and try to explore. Learning is eternal so make yourself ready at all times.

Skills to Must Have

For example, those who work in BPO companies already have the skill for providing customer service. So skills or expertise is essential since you will be working with the clients. Remember, confidence in doing the job build trust and good relationship.


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